The Southeast Nebraska AHEC actively works to support health career students in the southeast region. In the southeast region, SEN-AHEC can support health career students’ activities while on rotation, help students find preceptors, help students find housing for rotations, provide access to special training events in the region, and connect and expose students to rural communities. A current effort for our center is to support students who are on rotation in the region complete any requirements and connect them with community members and leaders. For example, third year medical students from the University of Nebraska must all complete a community engagement project during their family medicine rotations. Because students are living and working in a new community for only six weeks and are unfamiliar with the opportunities available, the Southeast Nebraska AHEC helps to connect these students to local partners in order to complete this project. SEN-AHEC has successfully worked with local long-term care facilities, child care facilities, high schools, and health departments in order to assist the students with their project. This important initiative helps students on rotation interact with a community where they may decide to practice after they complete their requirements. It is also part of the retention strategy for future practitioners who are training in Nebraska, as it shows them more of the community that they would otherwise may not be exposed to while working and studying full time.