AHEC Scholars Program

Program for Health Career Students

What is the Nebraska AHEC Scholars Program?

The Nebraska AHEC Scholars Program is a two-year program for health profession students who want to practice health care in rural and urban underserved areas.

What will I learn if I join the program?

In the program, AHEC Scholars will gain enhanced knowledge and community experience that prepares them to enter the workforce ready to meet the unique healthcare needs of those communities. AHEC Scholars work as an interdisciplinary team through innovative online courses, in-person workshops, and by applying their skills in community-based experiences. Through this program, students interact with other students from different backgrounds and training across the state. The skills and knowledge gained through the AHEC Scholars program equip participants to enter the workforce well-prepared to lead the changing health care system.

Words from our current AHEC Scholars

“Being an AHEC Scholar will show my future employers that I am willing to go the extra mile for my career and my interests.”
– Eliza Brooks, Southeast Community College Nursing Student, AHEC Scholar, Class of 2020

How do I join?

Apply online at http://bit.ly/scholarsapply
Enrollment in the Scholars Program is limited. Applications are due on September 9th, 2019.
Those accepted into the Nebraska AHEC Scholars Program may be eligible for a stipend.